The old home movies had been digitized and all of a sudden I was looking at my 5-year-old self, wearing my most favorite dress in the whole world, ever. The one grandma had made just for me. The fabric was bursting with spring flowers but it was the lavender–colored velvet sash and big bow that elevated me to princess with every single wearing. The dress was just as pretty as I had remembered. Do you have dress like that? Do you, too, still have a made-by-hand baby blanket or a pearl from the necklace your mother wore as a bride?

Treasures like these connect us to those very special people in our lives. Out of Asia’s hand made accessories come with wonderful connections, too. Hand woven textiles and handcrafted accessories all come with stories - and many times these stories are as every bit as special as the items themselves.

Goods made by hand, by real people, support global traditions and cultures – two of the most valued reasons for travel. It’s often the creative global arts (textiles, baskets, jewelry) that make the world’s cultures so vibrantly alive.

At Out of Asia we love the expression “Same-same…but different!” Products that have been made by hand are unique, even when they are essentially the same design. Each one is infused with the skill, care, personality and energy of its maker. Handmade is a perfect choice for individuals who don’t want to ‘fit the mold’ of having the same purse, shoes, necklace, bracelet or earrings as everyone else.

Unseen by many - but hugely rewarding - is to know of the network of support forged between consumers of hand made and those who create it. Out of Asia works with many artisans who are disenfranchised women and thrills at the successes these women experience through weaving and craft.

A woman with a skill and steady source of income has just one priority – to better feed, care for and educate her children. As a teacher, I delight in the ‘raising up,’ sometimes of entire villages, which happens through fine craft and masterful weaving enterprises.


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