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I am a Michigan gal who repatriated to the Boston area in 2001 after twenty-three years of living and teaching in six Asian countries.

Out of Asia began as a hobby but quickly developed into a passion with purpose: The promotion and preservation of our global cultural arts heritage and the empowerment of artisan makers (primarily women) through the sourcing and sale of beautiful wearable art. Goods-for-good collaborative sales help us to also support breast cancer research and many other charitable causes here at home.

We focus on bringing the best of Asia - hand woven, hand knotted, hand made and personally hand selected – to conscientious consumers who would like a meaningful gift or accessory that is beautiful, unique and one-of-a-kind.

Indigo design

 The textiles and adornments that inspire us most are made by hand in small family businesses or women’s collectives whose knowledge is based on the legacy of information and skill passed down from many generations before them. These handmade arts are vastly important in their ability to define entire cultures, support the artisan makers and inspire all of mankind.

Over 16 years of sourcing handmade cultural craft for Out of Asia, has resulted in an amazing collection of carefully curated wearable art from talented artists in at least a dozen Asian countries and now Central Asia, too.

Hand woven silks, hand painted batiks, pottery shard pendants, hand wrought silver, hand carved jade… ikats, basket bags, wire wrapped jewelry, gemstone earrings, pearls of all kinds, embroideries, naturally dyed indigo cotton and hundreds of other wonderful treasures await. Come see!

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