Paua Shell Pendant - Bali Silver (Sterling)

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Paua, pronounced ‘pow-ah,’ is a type of abalone that comes from economically sound and sustainable managed farms in New Zealand. Each one, though colored similarly, has a slightly different pattern...but EVERY SINGLE ONE is amazing and beautiful. These one-of-a-kind pendants on sterling silver are favorites in the “Out of Asia” collection. Shown here on a sterling silver choker, the pendant may also be worn on a black satin cord for a more casual look. They are all beautiful but if you wish, send an email and I'll snap a picture of the pendants still available.

Pendant is approximately 1 1/2 inch x 1 1/8 inch

Do you need to order a Sterling Silver ‘V’ choker or Sterling snake chain? 16-18-20 inch

Materials: Sterling Silver and Paua Shell

Includes packaging and shipping.

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Product image 1Paua Shell Pendant - Bali Silver (Sterling) - OutOfAsia
Product image 2Paua Shell Pendant - Bali Silver (Sterling) - OutOfAsia
Product image 3Paua Shell Pendant - Bali Silver (Sterling) - OutOfAsia
Product image 4Paua Shell Pendant - Bali Silver (Sterling) - OutOfAsia
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