Endless Knot Silk Tassel

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The Endless Knot silk tassel is one of Out of Asia’s most auspicious gifts!

This ancient symbol has no beginning and no end. It represents the interwoven connections between all things, the cyclical nature of our existence and harmony in the universe. As a gift, it establishes the intertwined connections between the giver and the recipient, and reminds each that future positive effects have their roots in the present.

The endless knot has also come to symbolize never ending love, making this a GREAT engagement gift! Hang it from a cabinet knob or frame it in a shadow box as a talisman for all good things.

Tassel length (including stone): 12 inches

Materials: Silk Tassel, Brown Jade Stone Pendant

Includes packaging and shipping.

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Product image 1Endless Knot Silk Tassel - OutOfAsia
Product image 2Endless Knot Silk Tassel - OutOfAsia
Product image 3Endless Knot Silk Tassel - OutOfAsia
Product image 4Endless Knot Silk Tassel - OutOfAsia
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