Lanna White Sterling Silver

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These hand wrought Sterling Silver earrings will not disappoint! Typical of Thai Hilltribe silver, these earrings showcase common elements from the natural world. But...just how do the silversmiths make these leaf earrings look so amazing?

These delicate leaves are first made of Sterling Silver and then dipped in pure silver and polished to a very high shine. The result is an extremely compelling take on the beauty of nature that you can wear!

Earring length: 1.5 inch drop
Materials: Hand wrought Sterling Silver leaf component on Sterling Silver ear wires

Includes packaging and shipping.

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Product image 1Lanna White Sterling Silver - OutOfAsia
Product image 2Lanna White Sterling Silver - OutOfAsia
Product image 3Lanna White Sterling Silver - OutOfAsia
Product image 4Lanna White Sterling Silver - OutOfAsia
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