Organza Silk Crinkle Scarf

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This just might be the ‘perfect’ scarf! The organza silk is so light that you will hardly know it’s there. Plus, it’s all crinkly - so it will never need to be ironed. This is a scarf that will be there for you, EVERYWHERE! Wear it to work looped around your neck or tucked into your blazer, to dinner off your shoulders as a wrap, to the beach as a sarong or around your waist as a sash to add a little pizzazz when you need something bright. Scrunch it into your suitcase, carry-on, purse or beach bag and watch it spring to life, ready for fun, whenever the opportunity comes along!

Scarf Measurements: Approx 75 inches x 20 inches

Materials: 100% Silk

Colors: Cranberry, Papaya, Taupe, Powder Blue,
Royal Blue, Green Mist, Plum

Includes packaging and shipping.

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Product image 1Organza Silk Crinkle Scarf - OutOfAsia
Product image 2Organza Silk Crinkle Scarf - OutOfAsia
Product image 3Organza Silk Crinkle Scarf - OutOfAsia
Product image 4Organza Silk Crinkle Scarf - OutOfAsia
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