Raw Massive Amber Necklace

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Amber was one of the first materials prehistoric humans used for ornamentation. It is fossilized resin from prehistoric trees and flora which lived 20 to 30 million years ago! Colors range from pale yellow to deep orange, black and white. Baltic amber is found on the shores of the North and Baltic Sea and generally considered the world's finest.

Today, Raw Amber is still highly regarded for its natural, organic beauty and when used as an amulet it is believed to boost optimism and creativity as well as increase the likelihood of victory despite opposition. What's not to love?

Necklace length: 18 inches
Materials: Massive Raw Baltic Amber Note: Do not fear for the size/weight of this necklace. Amber is very lightweight! Neck cord has magnetic closure

Includes packaging and shipping.

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Product image 1Raw Massive Amber Necklace - OutOfAsia
Product image 2Raw Massive Amber Necklace - OutOfAsia
Product image 3Raw Massive Amber Necklace - OutOfAsia
Product image 4Raw Massive Amber Necklace - OutOfAsia
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